Tuesday 9 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings - Let's Cut a Deal - Part 3

 Part 2

Billy needs to "take Mullins out". Not necessarily physically, as he is a member of the NHCPD, but he has to make sure that Mullins can't get Billy in trouble. I need to figure this one out and what to do. If Mullins gets "whacked" there will be an investigation and when you're rolling d6, no telling how it could turn out. Ask Sooze. Mullins is holding a Murder charge over her head unless she sets up Billy. 
After giving it some thought I decide Billy needs to get someone to "help" him. But who and what's it going to cost? 
I've tracked Billy's adventures and have over 900 pe-generated NPCs (5150 Usual Suspects), Billy having met quite a few of them and not always in a good way. I review A Night at the Fights              (5150 A Night at the Fights) and have an idea. 

Billy has been successful and enlisted the aid of Leshie the Razor Patron. I set up what I needed to get done, diffuse Mullins, and set up how to do it. As I don't want Mullins physically injured as mentioned before, I decide she will do it. If it didn't work out, I'd have to figure out another method. This is safer but now Billy has gained 4 Increasing Rep d6 for "taking out" 4 NPCs this month but 7 Decreasing Rep d6 for the Interactions with NPCs, including Leshie. 

The game occurrences and dice rolling took the Story down a Road I hadn't thought of - Sooze getting arrested for murder due to an accidental death during a fist fight, Mullins being involved, etc. I could have ignored it but for me it's about the Story. Now with this all tied up I can get onto the next Encounters and some combat...at least some fist fights! Ouch Sooze. LOL.

Time to play the Escort Job from the Mover and there's Amber's Job Offer as well. As they are all tied together, I can count this as only one month. 

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