Sunday 14 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Amber's Job

 It's been a busy month for Billy Pink and he needs to finish off two Jobs. The first is an Escort Job with Amber, a Net Runner that he has worked with in the past. Should be a quick one then another Escort Job for a Mover. This one is in the Financial District. I set up the Battle Board (using Power Point) and get started.

Never had this happen before. Amber freaked out and ran for it by herself. I'm using the 5150 Quick & Easy Combat 2023 rules. A bit different than all the other THW rules and can easily be used with the other games. While most THW rules have the Leader of the Group take the Action Test, these are set up for each figure to take it. 

The one concern I had doing the rules is that I didn't want it to get confusing with everyone Returning Fire, Ducking Back, etc. When the Leader takes the test, the whole side does their shooting, melees and check to see if they will stay and fight at the same time.  I had to adjust the tables when it came to Return Fire and Duck Backs on an individual level at different times. I'll go into more detail later. Right now, Amber and Billy have to enter the building, she makes her sale and then they can leave. That's when Billy will get paid. 

Billy had 7 Decreasing Rep d6 but this time gained 5 Increasing Rep d6 for Interacting and taking out two Gangers. He's at 2 Decreasing Rep d6 for the month but he hasn't gotten paid by Amber yet. 

Part 2

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