Monday 15 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Amber's Job Part 2

 Part 1

Amber and Billy have met the Employer and credits exchanged hands. Time to leave the building. Usually, you resolve a PEF outside when leaving a building. I figured I'd do it at the elevator on the way out. 

I roll 2d6 to resolve it and score an 11. Who are they. Wait. Criminal Element? In the Financial District? I roll 1/2d6 for How Many. 2 - same number as group. Have they met before? I roll and score another 11! Yep, they have, and it's been bad. I figure instead of Interacting let's just go to a gunfight. In a Financial District office building. Can you say Cops? But first let's play this out, again using the upcoming 5150 Quick and Easy Combat 2023 rules.

 In the new rules each Character rolls on the Action Table. Add the scores of the passing d6 and you get a number from 1 to 10. Shooting is done from high to low. Roll 2d6 versus Rep to Shoot. If the passing d6 total is higher than the target Rep - Out of the Fight. Could be dead but that's resolved after the fight. If total is Rep or lower, the target goes to the Stay or Go Table. Roll versus Rep. Pass 2d6 and return fire, pass 1d6 go Shaken and cannot return fire, pass 0d6 Run For It.

Then the next Character fires. it could be the one that returned fire. Fire continues until one side is Out of the Fight and/or Ran For It.

It definitely has a different feel to it. Plays quicker but still similar results. Instead of being all about the Leader, each Character rolls their own. Very cool IMHO

Billy picks up 4 Increasing Rep d6. Two for the Gangers and 2 for having a successful Escort Job. Not that much as Amber is an Exotic but still good. This puts Billy at 2 increasing Rep d6 for the month. On to the Mover's Escort Job. That one will pay very well.

Part 3 



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