Thursday 18 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Cops Are Called?

More tweaking of the 5150 Q&E Combat 2023 rules. Nothing major. Check out the 1st picture for an explanation. 

The slight tweaks work great. With the Shaken able to fire there's no stopping the play with firing between the two figures not being resolved. Now ends the turn with one winning, no carry over. The not facing came up because I set up the figures and realized there should be some sort of penalty for not facing the enemy. In this case, the Ganger was surrounded so he rolled 2d6 versus the guys to his front and counted an automatic zero to the guys to his rear. If he survives the first shots he rolls on the Stay or Go Table and can return fire as long as he doesn't Run For It.

I'm liking the rules and will play more but won't post all the games. BTW - These will work for military THW rules...NUTS, Star Army. etc. 

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