Tuesday 16 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Amber's Job - Part 3.

Part 2

Billy and Amber had a gunfight in an Office Building in the Financial District. Cops were called and Billy finds himself in court.

Had to tidy this one up. Having the possibility of Cops Being Called puts a different spin on things. Billy gets 1 Decreasing Rep d6 for having Kireu get the video and another for hiring her. Better to stay in Little Hisha and other Low-level Areas of NHC. LOL. Now off to the Mover Escort Job. Billy is now at zero Rep d6 for the month.

FYI - I didn't have to do this but thought I would just to show what is possible with 5150 New Beginnings in the way of building a Story.

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