Sunday 21 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep -Where Is She? Part 2

 Part One

Billy found the girl he was hired to Escort. She was working as a Hostess at a restaurant in Middleton. Now he has to bring her back to the Mover. I roll to see where he will be.  Private Office in the Pub & Rec Area. I roll 1/2d6 to see how many PEFs to resolve and score a 1. I roll 1d6 to see if it's a Confrontation and score a 4. Nope. Just a "normal" PEF to resolve. I score a 10 - Criminal Element. Uh, oh. I roll 1/2d6 and score a 1. Only one NPC. I roll on the Usual Suspects for the Pub & Rec Area to see what kind of Criminal I meet and bam! It's an Escort. Yep, I roll to see if Billy met them before, except when you're escorting it's the NPC being escorted that checks and... yep, she met her before, and they are friends! 

Well, Lella and Billy now go to the Office and the Mover is there. Job done; Billy gets paid 5 Increasing Rep d6. Added to the 3 he already has; he ends the month with 8 Increasing Rep d6! But he has the following expenses for the month.

3 Band Members cost 3 Decreasing Rep d6.
Home in the Pub and Rec Area of NHC costs 2 Decreasing Rep d6.
Upkeep and Storage for 1 Trader Class spaceship costs 3 Decreasing Rep d6.

So that's 8 Increasing Rep d6 and 8 Decreasing Rep d6 for 0 Rep d6. Billy broke even!?

Since I've decided to play a Campaign from now on, Billy needs to cut some monthly expenses. Time to see what Jobs pay the most.

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