Wednesday 17 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Difference of Opinion


So, I've been tinkering around with the new 5150 Quick & Easy Combat 2023 rules and wanted to play a larger game with them. I made sure to play a couple of small one on one games first as well as a two or three figures per side game to get the mechanics down. Similar to other THW sets we go from the Action Table to Shoot or Melee then Stay or Go (new Will to Fight Table). The big difference is each figure rolls on the Action and Stay or Go Table individually instead of the Leader rolling on it. That means more dice rolling. Gives a different feel to the game, but the concern was, will it slow the game down if at all. So, I gave it a go. Nine figures, one fight. 

In other THW games, Leader rolls on the Action Table to see what side acts first. All figures Shoot or Melee, some Return Fire, some Duck Back, some Recover From Duck Back.  Then Leader rolls on the Will to Fight Table. Figures are removed. Function like a group. Then back to the Action Table.

With the new system each figure goes from table to table as needed. Having played a few small games to get the dice rolling order and tables down, it was very easy playing a larger game. Didn't take a long time, not much more than previous rules because you actually roll to activate less times. No Duck Back and Recover speeds play as well. Will give it some more plays and post the results. So far, the system works well.

Had to tie it into a Story so I figured Ashlynn Cooper would be good to use. Also, establish some more NPCs as well as using existing ones. Wonder what Vantos will do? I mean, he does know Billy Pink. 

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