Friday 19 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Where Is She? Part 1a

 Part 1

Played this one with minis on the Battle Board. Outside the restaurant and it's a Confrontation. Billy tries to Interact, but it goes badly and it's time for a fight. But what kind? I choose a Fist Fight.

Quick and easy and with Fast Eddie going Out of the Fight I figure it's time to do a Recovery Table. Here it is. 


2                                                  Recovery

                                                          (Taken versus Rep)
                                                 A score of “6” is always a failure.


Hard as Nails: Can re-roll 1 failed d6.

Fist Fight: If went Out of the Fight from Fist Fight roll 3d6 instead of 2d6.

Star: Roll 3d6 instead of 2d6

Zhuh-Zhuh: Count Rep at 1 point higher than actual.

#D6 Passed



I’m good! If Out of the Fight from Fist Fight, back to normal. If Out of the Fight from Shooting, count current Rep at 1 point lower for the rest of the Encounter/Mission. Recover back to normal Rep afterwards.


Going, going… Immediately re-take test counting pass 1d6 as pass 0d6.


Gone. Never heard from again.

 Billy is now at 3 Increasing Rep d6 for the month. 2 for taking out the 2 Bounty Hunters and a from Interacting with the hostess at the restaurant. 

Part 2

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