Thursday 13 July 2017

Carousing at the Dancing Frog - Fortunes Won & Lost AAR Part 3

Part Two

I decide that AZ Bob, Jefferson, and Sarah Jane will go on a Hunting Encounter – as in hunting for a place to have a drink and carouse.

You’ll see that with THW games you can pick and choose different mechanics from different rules to do just about anything you want. It’s your Story, your game, so feel free to customize as needed.

Carousing at the Dancing Frog

Sarah Jane – Adventurer Rep 4  
Arizona Bob – Adventurer Rep 5  
Jefferson Davis Saunders – Adventurer Rep 5
As in Fortunes Won & Lost and Mission St. Mary we resolve PEFs – Possible Enemy Force markers. Depending upon the rules you’re using this could be between 1 and 5 PEFS. Default in most rules is 3 so I’ll resolve 3. As I’m not playing in the countryside I choose to resolve 3 of them in a row – one after the other.
Here I go – again, I have no idea what I will run into or what could happen.
A typical night of carousing is interaction, drinking, gambling and companionship – some to socialize with. While some rules have specifics for this, Fortunes Won & Lost and Mission St. Mary do not.
Using the Universal Interaction and Challenge Table allows me to do it all.

2    Universal Interaction and Challenge
                                                    (Taken versus Rep or applicable Skill)
                                                      A score of “6” is always a failure.

Difficult Challenge – If the Challenge is difficult.
Easy Challenge – If the Challenge is easy.
Gift or Tool – if giving a gift or using a tool that increases the chance of success.

# D6 Passed

Success! Character succeeds and gets his reward. Gain one Increasing Rep d6 or one Character Point.
Really want to do it?
·        Can choose to quit the Challenge.
·        Can choose to immediately re-take the Challenge counting a passing 1d6 result as passing 0d6.
Failure! Character fails and suffers the consequences. Gain one Decreasing Rep d6 or lose one Character Point.

Gambling with the UIC Table

I decide that AZ wants to gamble. I can choose to roll per each time I gamble (hand, throw if the dice) or once for the whole thing. The first way has the potential to win more Increasing Rep d6 or Character Points so that would be good.  Now that’s pretty simple, right? It’s a great way to milk the system to increase your Rep or Skill, right? Well, not exactly. Here’s why:
·        When you gain Increasing Rep d6 or Character Points equal to your current Rep roll 1d6.
·        Score a success – 1, 2, or 3 – and you have a Confrontation with 1+1/2d6 opponents. Who? That’s for you to do.
·        Score a failure – 4, 5 or 6 – and you’re okay.
And if you have a Confrontation and lose – you lose all your Increasing Rep d6 or Character Points. J
Anyway, back to AZ’s gambling using the UIC Table.
·        I decide there will be 1+ 1/2d6 NPCs to play against. I could have rolled for more or assigned a number. I score a total of 3.
·        Who are they? I choose to make them Italian soldiers. Why? Because I have some cool Italian Colonial Army figures from Askari Miniatures.
·        I roll 3d6 on the European – Military List and score a 4, 5 and 5. This gives me one Rep 4 (the Leader) and two Rep 3s.
It’s time to gamble and I want to make it simple. Each character will roll on the UIC Table and after all the results are done I’ll apply them.
·        AZ passes 1d6. He tries again and passes 2d6.   
·        Rep 4 Soldiers passes 1d6 and then passes 0d6. Lose 1 Character Point.
·        Rep 3 soldier passes 0d6. Lose 1 Character Point.
·        Rep 3 soldier passes 2d6.
AZ and one Rep 3 continue to play.
·        AZ passes 2d6.
·        Rep 3 soldier passes 1d6 and then passes 0d6. Lose 1 Character Point.
I decide that AZ gains the 3 Character Points lost by the Italians.

Gaining Companionship using the UIC Table.

Jefferson Davis or JD seeks Companionship. I roll on the European – Civilians List in Fortunes Won & Lost to see the Rep of the lady he met at the bar. I score a 6 – She’ll be Rep 3. As her Rep is 2 less than JD’s I figure this is an Easy Challenge. I roll 2d6 versus Rep of 6 (5 +1), score a 1 and 2 and pass 2d6.  JD gains some Companionship and 1 Character Point. JD and the lady leave the Dancing Frog.

Interaction using the UIC Table.

Sarah Jane decides to Interact with the bartender. He’s a Rep 5 so this is a bit of a Difficult Challenge as she has a lower Rep (4) so her Rep counts as 3. She scores a 1 and a 4, passing 0d6. She decides not to try again. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

AZ and Sarah Jane leave the Dancing Frog. The Italian soldiers follow close behind. When our duo gets outside ...

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