Friday, 19 September 2014

Snatch and Grab Part 6

Previously on Snatch and Grab

What are Billy, Ashlynn, and Elliot talking about? 


Office of the Spokesman

This information is current as of today, 800918 03:44:48 GPST-0600 (Gaea Prime Solar Time).
BOLO – Earthers
This Public Announcement informs GP Citizens, regardless of current location, of security concerns as it pertains to all GP space and informs them of the risks and penalties of any contact with the Heretics listed in this announcement.
Activity by members of the Cult designated as Earthers, (1) has been reported in the 2nd and 3rd Rings. Activity has been currently confined to the dissemination of misinformation by these Earthers but as seen in the past, this can quickly escalate into acts of violence.

Recently declassified as a threat, the Earthers appear to have stepped up its activities, especially in the 3rd Ring. It is feared that they are actively recruiting other misguided souls to support their heretical beliefs and acts.

In light of current circumstances, GP citizens are advised to be on the watch for suspicious activities and report such activities to the local authorities. If desired, GP Citizens, on non-GP controlled planets, can report directly to the local GP Embassy. You will be thanked and rewarded for your efforts. As always, any information provided will be held in strictest confidence. 

The GP Embassy is located at 372 Belmond Avenue in the Financial District of NHC.  The 24- hour com-link number is (2634) 4 –250593. In the event of an after-hours emergency, please call the above number and ask to be transferred to the duty officer.
Disclaimer – Associating with or failure to report Heretic members or activities is subject to the full Gaea Prime Justice System regardless of jurisdiction. 

Don’t jeopardize your Citizenship!

(1) Earthers are misguided people (usually Basics, although some Aliens have appeared to embrace this misguided movement) that believe that Gaea Prime can trace its roots directly back to the backwater planet known as Earth. Refusing to believe the Truth of Mother, these delusional souls isolate themselves from society in general, preferring the company of other Earthers.


The Security Bulletin counts as a Clue. That leaves 6 Clues left to solve and 8 Day Parts to do it in.

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