Monday, 15 September 2014

What is Warrior Heroes - Warbands?

Warrior Heroes - Legends is about small bands of adventurers seeking Fame and Fortune above and below ground.

Rally Round the Kings chronicles large battles between armies that decide the fate of nations.
Enter Warrior Heroes - Warbands.

Warrior Heroes - Warbands is a complete stand-alone game of Warband fantasy combat. Warbands bridges the gap between Warrior Heroes – Legends and Rally Round the Kings. All three sets are compatible.

In Warrior Heroes – Warbands, players start as the Warlord or Captain of a unit and try to become King. The journey is long, with many twists and turns, but if you keep your eye on the prize, it is attainable. But before you can be King, you’ll have to start at the bottom. Not the very bottom, but close. 

Warbands is the High Fantasy companion to the soon to be released Captains and Kings, our Historical rules, set in the 9th to 13th Centuries. Watch for Warbands later this month.


  1. Do you come up with these ideas while you sleep...or wait, do you sleep?

    I don't, but it's for tooootttttaaaallllyyyy different reasons...LOL!

    This sounds great and I've already got Captains and Kings on my radar!

    Brian "Sleepless in Pensacola"

  2. Well, I am lucky enough to have this as a full time job so ...

  3. I'm sure that does help a bit...LOL!

    Well, keep'em coming!


  4. Great!
    Is going to be a great month, with all this been published!

  5. Sweet! Just now getting into WHL myself (still learning the rules). This and 2 Hour Dungeon Crawl are definitely on my to buy list. Keep up the great work, Ed!


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