Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Hero is Born - Captains & Kings AAR

Previously in the Campaign

Like all THW games, the upcoming Captains & Kings game has a campaign system. Each army (there's 12, but there are many more coming for free) has a starting Campaign Morale of 3 or 4, and one of 3 Motivators - Conquest, Religious, or Loot. After each Battle both sides roll 2d6 versus their Campaign Morale and depending upon how they did, their morale can go up or down.

Before the last battle both armies had a Morale of 3. After their loss, the villagers Morale dropped to 2, while the King's men stayed at 3.

There's also a Next Battle Table. Depending how the last Battle went and what it was, it tells you the next Battle. For the Normans it would be a Raid as the attacker. The villagers? A Raid as the defender.

And that's what this Bat Rep is about.
The Normans objective is to burn down the village while the villagers objective, defend the village.

I decided to give the villagers one roll on the Viking Army List and they scored a Rep 4 AC 4 Freeman unit. Not the best, but better than the villagers. They covered themselves in glory as they defeated the Knights in melee. One change from previous THW rules is that the rule capping casualties inflicted cannot exceed the the number of figures fighting. So in old rules, the Viking would have been limited to 1 kill. Instead he got lucky and killed 3. For this time period, the rule makes sense.

Morale check? Normans go down by 1 to 2. Villagers go up to 3. I'm betting that the Normans will be coming back pretty soon.


  1. Very interesting AAR, these look likes the rules that we had in WHAA but we missed in WHL.... is great to see them improved

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    1. Splintered Light Minis -

      Excellent stuff.


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