Saturday, 6 September 2014

Captains and Kings - Big Battle!

Okay, 14 units with 120+ figures. Will it break the game? Stretch it? And what happens now?

Just like I hoped for. The game mechanics work well with multiple units and doesn't bog down. The more I play it the quicker it moves as I refer to the tables less and less.

One thing new is the Next Battle Table that tells the player what happens after each Battle and where to go next. It's been used before but this time I've added Siege Rules to the game and this means the next fight is a Norman Siege against the Fantasy Army.

Better find some walls!


  1. Great!!!! WHAA-Big Battles in its purest form!!!!!!


  2. Wow! That was a close one for the Normans. I didn't think they would pull off any sort of victory. It looks like that was a fun game.

  3. It seems it all hinged on the 1st Orc unit rolling badly on their In melee test (5,5, 6) and routing which freed up the Norman Knights to come in late. if they had stuck around for a turn or two, things would have been different.

  4. Sold! I need to start planning my bundles now.


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