Saturday 7 July 2018

Evolution versus Final Fade Out

Part One

Evolution streamlines game mechanics while keeping the same results. Here's an example.

In Sight

When two groups come into sight of each other.

Final Fade Out

1 – Each figure rolls 1d6 per point of Rep looking for successes – score of 1, 2 or 3.
2 – Six modifiers to the number of d6 rolled.
3 – Figures act from most successes to least.   


1 – Roll 1d6 on the Action Table to see who has advantage. 50/50 chance unless specified by the scenario.
2 – Leaders roll 2d6 versus Rep. Want to be more detailed? Your choice, just roll for each figure.
3 – Pass more whole group acts first. If tied, the side with advantage goes first.

Reaction Tests

Final Fade Out vs. Evolution

Received Fire – Now built into the Shooting Table.
Man Down – Replaced with Will to Fight Test.
Recover From Knock Down – Built into the Shooting Damage Table.
Recover From Duck Back – Built into the Action Table.

Watch for Part Three.


  1. Okay, now you have my interest ...

  2. Definitely on the add list. Looks like it will be simpler for convention games too!

  3. This is going to be a multi-level project so have to line up the printer, minis, and a few more things. Will be offered as:

    Rules only.
    Battle Boards.
    Cards that speed up play.
    Game board to speed up play even more.

    People will have options on how they want to get the product.

    1. Ed,
      This seems to be a great evolution indeed. I love that you'll be offering boards, minis, cards, and counters! Please don't say it won't be out until next year!

    2. No, much quicker Lining up production and distribution as well. Want to fulfill quickly. Maybe next offer it next month, waiting on samples. Want to see what I will be offering.

    3. More info can be found here.