Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Shooting - Evolution versus Final Fade Out

One of the ten Battle Boards for ATZ - Evolution.

Shooting in Final Fade Out

1 - Roll 1d6 for each Target Rating (shot) and add to Rep.
2 - Look at Ranged Combat Table.
3 - 4 possible results – 7 modifiers to get there.
4 - If miss, target takes Received Fire Test to see what target does – Duck Back, return Fire, Carry On.
5 – If hit roll for damage.
·        Obviously Dead.
·        Out of the Fight.
·        Knocked Down Could be Stunned, Out of the Fight or Obviously Dead.
Need to roll dice minimum of twice, maximum of four times.

Shooting in Evolution

1 – Roll 2d6 versus shooter Rep.
2 – Look at Shooting Table.
3 – 3 possible results – 5 modifiers to get there.
4 – If miss target returns fire or charges – no dice rolling needed.
5 – If hit roll for damage – Obviously Dead, Out of the Fight or Duck Back.
Need to roll dice minimum of once maximum of twice. Half the rolling giving similar or same results.

Difference is less rolling needed and no Received Fire Test needed. Auto  Return ir once, if miss and get shot at again, then you Duck Back.

Example  - Billy Pink and two Gangers square off. Billy wins on the Action Table and fires first. Roll 2d6 and pass 1d6. One Ganger is hit, the other missed. Roll for damage and he goes Out of the Fight. The other Ganger now Returns Fire and misses. Billy now fires back and misses again! The Ganger cannot return Fire as he's done it before and Ducks Back instead.

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