Tuesday 19 March 2013

Hydroplane racing? Really?

Yeah, really!
Look, this is the same guy that created Wire to Wire a game about horse racing. Yes, it doesn't sell well but it is one of my favorite games. Plus it makes a great background for Pulp games as well.

But anyway, yes, I'm doing a game about hydroplane racing. Anyone that has watched the hydros (I was lucky enough to be exposed to Seafair up in Seattle for many years) knows it's an exciting sport.

But back to the game. With the mechanics of Charioteer as the basis) Unlimited (the working title) will have players involved in decision making every turn.

As there's no shooting (like in the upcoming Machinas or bashing on purpose, Unlimited is about racing. And there's just the right amounts of skill, strategy and luck to make an exciting game.

So ready or not, here's the first AAR of Unlimited!

Lap One
For this AAR I'll post pictures and text as things occur. There are ten boats in the Racing Day so they are divided into two sections, A and B. Each section then three Preliminary races of 3 laps each. I randomly roll for driver signatures and boat particulars and the race is on.

The five boats take off from the flying start in the order above. Boats that try to pass shift to the outside of the boat they wish to pass. This is called being In Position. Those that stay behind a boat, called Out of Position, gain one Bonus Dice. Non-Player Boats have this determined randomly. After the Passing Phase, no positions are changed.

Second turn of the first lap. The Yellow boat swings out wide to pass which makes an opening for the White boat to pass on the inside. Both Blue and Blue White boat gain Bonus Dice.

Turn three. Yellow failed to pass Blue and fell to an inside pass by White. Yellow again swings wide to attempt a pass. This allows Blue/White, in the rear, a chance to inside pass.

Turn four of six in the first lap. Going towards the far turn all the boats move into position to pass. Note that White, Yellow and Blue/White are all passing wide, which reduces their chance of success. When passing you want to be closer to the inside of the course than the boat you are trying to pass. Non-Player Boats are at the mercy of the Non-Player Position Table so will sometimes be forced to pass wide.

This shows the results of the previous passing phase. Blue has passed Black for the lead coming out of the far  turn. The other boats, who all passed wide, did not change positions. Passing phase shows all the boats trying to pass again.

Turn six.  Black tries a pass while White goes wide in his attempt to pass. Yellow takes advantage of this mistake and tries for an inside pass. Blue/White hangs back and collects a Bonus Die.

As the boats complete the first lap all boats are running smoothly. Watch for Lap Two, coming soon.


  1. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess those great little boats are a set of toys I could find just about anywhere.

  2. I'm ready Ed. Just ordered a bunch of boats from eBay!