Thursday 7 March 2013

Small Action Star Navy - Part Two

Part One

Now let’s change things up a bit. Switch out the Pirate ships for a Hishen Monitor and two Patrollers and let’s keep the fight going.

Second turn and the Hishen respond by closing with the Zhuh-Zhuh and opening fire.

·        Two Patrollers concentrate their fire on the Gunboat with 1 shield. The 4 guns minus the shield give a Penetration Value of 3. Rolling 2d6 a 1 and 3 are scored, passing 2d6. Three hits are given, two Hull and one Engine hit. All the Hishen now concentrate their Missiles on the Gunboat. Three more hits are scored, two Hull and a gun. Engine Hit test is taken first and pass 0d6. This causes a loss 1 of Thrust and the ship Breaks Off. This causes the two Class 3s to take the Friend Destroyed Test. Again 0d6 are passed and a second ship Breaks off
·        The Monitor scores a gun fire hit on the lead Missile Boat who continues the fight.

Third turn the Zhuh-Zhuh and Hishen pass and the Zhuh-Zhuh begin a turn to the port.
·        The Cutter fires its guns and score 4 Hull hits on the Hishen Flagship.
·        The Zhuh-Zhuh Missile Boat lands two missiles on the other Patroller and does two Hull damage.

Third turn and the Hishen bank to the port as well counting on their tighter turning ability to gain the rear of the Zhuh-Zhuh.
·        All three ships fire their guns at the Zhuh-Zhuh Missile Boat, who has zero shields. Four of the five guns score hits. Two Hull hits, one shield (no damage) and another Engine hit. Engine Hit and Damage test and the ship continues the fight, but is now at 50% Hull.
Fourth turn and the Zhuh-Zhuh continue their bank.
·        The Missile Boat scores two hits on the Hishen Flag. One Hull hit and the last Shield. The Cutter fires its two Guns and hits with one. Guns! The two guns on the Flagship are destroyed. Damage test taken and the ship continues the fight.
Fourth turn and the Hishen have gained the rear of the Zhuh-Zhuh.
·        All ships concentrate fire on the Missile boat but miss horribly. Four Missiles are launched and three hit. Two Hulls and no additional damage. The ship continues the fight but is reduced to 2 Hull points.

Fifth turn and the Zhuh-Zhuhs are still banking. The Missile Boat completes its turn and comes onto the flank of the Hishen. The Cutter has swung wide and is now out of missile range.
·        The Cutter opens up on the shield less Flagship and destroys it!

·        The Missile Boat launches three missiles and hits with two reducing the Hishen Monitor down to one Hull.
·        Both ships take the Friend Destroyed test with a -1 to Rep penalty for losing the Flagship. Both Break Off.

Butchers Bill

All Zhuh-Zhuh ships repaired and ready for next Mission. Controlling the planet helped.
One Patroller Hishen ship exploded trying to blink out.
The other, the Flag was destroyed during the fight.
The Monitor was sent for repairs and would not return until the next month.

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