Tuesday 19 March 2013

Final Lap - Unlimited Hydros!

Lap 1

Lap 2

Last lap!

As Black keeps command of the lead Blue falls back.

With four turns to go Blue makes a desperate move and slides into 3rd while Black holds off White.

Blue continues its move into 2nd and attempts to pass Black, but is held off. Yellow follows Blue and passes White who now slips to 4th. 

Entering the final turn Black still holds the lead and White is making a charge. Yellow slips back to 4th and Blue/White appears to be having engine trouble, falling way back.

Next to the last turn as the  boats exit the turn. White has moved up to 2nd while Blue holds off yellow.

Here's the order of finish as Black wins, White second, then Blue, Yellow and Blue/White. After each race the finishers are awarded points based on their finish. After three races the points are totalled and the top 5 finishers of both sections move on to the Final Heat.

Black 40 points
White 30 points
Blue 23 points
Yellow 17 points
Blue/White 13 points.

Here's the order of finish as Black wins, followed by White, Blue, Yellow and Blue/White.

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