Tuesday 19 March 2013

Unlimited Hydros - Lap 2

Part One

As the hydros near the end of the first lap three boats are in position to pass. 

Big movement happens as Black regains the lead, Yellow moves up as does Blue/White. White drops back from 3rd to 5th, a victim of his bad luck of wide passing.

The next turn sees Yellow continuing it's move up followed by Blue/White while Blue falls back from 2nd to 4th. Two turns and the  boats jockey for an opening.

Black continues to lead (no surprise as he has the highest driving skill and one of the faster boats). Yellow slips in behind, content to gain a Bonus Die. Note that the leader cannot draft anyone so cannot gain Bonus Dice that way. Blue has moved back into 3rd but White is coming up from the rear.

White is on a mission moving from 5th to 2nd overtaking Yellow. Suddenly Blue/White slams into Blue from behind!

Both drivers regain control but the collision has taken it's toll. Both boats take damage to their hulls which will cause problems when going through the turns.

Yellow passes White and regains 2nd as the pack hits the turn. White tries an inside pass while Blue drafts behind, gaining a Bonus Die. Blue/White tries to pass but the boat just isn't responding.

As the boats near the end of Lap 2 Yellow has fallen behind again while White and Blue have moved up. Blue/White, with hull problems and the lowest rated driver seems destined to remain in 5th. Last lap coming up and all receive 3 Bonus Dice.

Two Laps and 23 position changes!

 Part 3 - Last Lap!

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