Monday 18 March 2013

Vehicles in After the Horsemen - Machinas - Part Three

Part One

Part Two

Now it becomes a race against time. In ATH fuel is a very rare commodity. This means any road attack has to be swift and deadly because in a long chase you may burn up more fuel than you could hope to recover.

As the Yellow truck moved forward the Green and Red Pack Wolves gave it the opening it needed (this is called a free pass). As the turn came to the end the Yellow truck was  now behind the fleeing Blue sedan.
Frank looked back and began to sweat. The Yellow truck loomed large in his rear view mirror as did the twin 50 caliber machine guns it mounted. Frank tried to speed up but the Yellow truck was closing in.
As the Yellow truck was closing in the Green Pickup came whizzing by the Red sedan. Soon it had caught up to the Yellow truck and struggled to pass it but could not. Why? Because in the ATH salvage rules the vehicle that actually knocks the opponent out of the chase is entitled to 50% of the recovered fuel and items. This is a law that even the Pack Wolves respect and obey.

It's turn four of the chase and if the Blue sedan can hold on just a little bit longer the Pack Wolves will give up the chase. But the Yellow truck has moved into position next to the Blue sedan. The larger truck swerves left and slams into the Blue sedan. Inexperience hands try to compensate.

But it too late.

As quick as it started the chase is over. The Pack Wolves come back to the wreak and pull the two Out of Fight occupants out of the car. Time to pay the piper and collect the spoils.

Rolling on the Mercy Table results in the two rivals quickly dispatched. The Pack gains 2 Fuel units, strips off the wheel spikes from the car, a box of nails, a BAMP, Shotgun, 4 Food and 1 set of Body Armor.  Overall a pretty profitable chase. The Blue sedan is stripped for parts as it's pretty well totaled.

Look for the Machinas Kickstarter coming in a month or two.


  1. Now that is great- loved Mad Max when I was a kid- any rules for motorbikes too?



  2. Pete,
    Yes- They'll be faster and, of course, easier to bash.
    There'll also be pickups, SUVs, Buses, Big Rigs and Sports cars.

  3. Those might be the Ugliest Hotwheels I've ever seen :P

  4. Nothin's pretty anymore after the apocalypse :)

  5. I assume that you are going to have low tech weapons as well (crossbows, compress gas harpoons/spears, etc.) What about playing chicken?

    Now I am inspired to start back up on one of my projects that pictured below.

    I think I already have my first scenario lined out!

    "I am the Nightrider! I am the chosen one. The mighty hand of vengeance, sent down to strike the unroadworthy! I'm hotter than a rollin' dice. Step right up, chum, and watch the kid lay down the rubber road, ride to freedom!"