Sunday, 29 July 2012


The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid.

Stay together.
Use vehicles to enter and leave town and be sure to turn that engine off when you're not..
Know when to leave.


  1. Nice report! Your minis look very nice too!

  2. Leaving a car engine running is never a good idea anywhere that has zombies in the vicinity.

  3. Looking good! Well, not for some...

  4. Of course, if you don't leave the engine running then when you go to start it with the Zeds in pursuit you will fumble and drop the's a Catch-22!

  5. Of course, if you get yourself a nice 'hybrid car', it auto starts when you press the clutch pedal. Also, as it does not use antiquated technology as carburettors, it doesn't flood. Also, being less than half the weight of a 'good old American muscle car' has much better power to weight ratio, therefore better acceleration, not to mention 60+ miles to the gallon!

    Just my 'Limey' twopenneth!

    PS The 'clutch pedal' is what disconnects the gearbox from the engine!


  6. Looks great. Where did you get the puddles of blood?


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