Saturday, 4 August 2012

5150: Star Navy - AAR - Hishen War

Equal points but very different fleet compositions. The Hishen had four Class 5 ships and five Class 4. Their main strength would lie in their fighters, able to launch up to ten squadrons per turn.

The Star Navy had two Class 5 ships, five Class 4 ships, and ten Class 3 fast attack ships. They outnumbered the Hishen in total ships but the Hishen had a 2 to 1 advantage in ship size, their 4 Class 5 ships to 2 Class 5 ships for the Star Navy.

The key would be the superior Reps of the Star Navy. Well that was the theory...

A very close game. Rules are coming along quite nicely with small tweaks being applied as needed.

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  1. This has a "Concentrate all Firepower on that Super Star Destroyer" feel to it!!!

    I've been enjoying these playtest reports!



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