Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Hishen War - 5150: Star Army AAR

A platoon of Star Army has a Defend Mission. I tweaked it a bit as I wanted to lay out some new urban terrain so gave them two-thirds of the table to defend.
The enemy would be Hishen and they would be outnumbered. My plan was to hold on for as long as I could in hopes of artillery and air support arriving to turn the tables.
In retrospect that wasn't much of a plan.


  1. Nice one! Long live the Hishen empire ;-)

  2. Great AAR! Happy to see a 5150SA AAR since I love this rule! Maybe the Hishen will invade Bright Horizon one day...


  3. Awesome! Would love to see some more like this! I'm using Rebel Minis Greys as Hishen and GZG Alien Mercs as Grath. I'm also (like in the AAR) using Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines as Star Army.

    Gia Prime needs to send in the ISS!


  4. Nice AAR Ed! My son and I have just spent the evening play testing these rules, and are now planning our first full game- can't wait!

  5. Great looking AAR, your going to convert me yet, I play Stargrunt as well as Full Thrust. I have a question how do these rules work with battalion sized

  6. Hi Don,
    The game is set for 8 figure units. I call them squads and 3 squads is a platoon, 2 platoons a company.
    But you could call them whatever you like so one unit could be platoon. How many companies in your battalion?

  7. http://brazosevilempire.blogspot.com/2011/09/whats-still-on-tables.html

    I was inspired by the old Series78.The S-78 units where made for WW II gamers and were composed of either of I/72nd scale or Roco Mini Tank vehicles. These units were for sale as complete formations, the one thing that they all had in common was the reduction in the size of the units and in battalion or larger there are always the appropriate support units. The lack of support units (THE ASH AND TRASH) has always been a pet peeve of mine, left to his own devices a
    gamer will bring as many guns to bear as his point system will allow.
    The beauty of a standardized MTO&E is the gamer can be required to
    think in broader terms i.e. resupply and recovery. In a campaign game in
    particular these factors can be of great importance and where possession
    of the battlefield (with your recovery assets) can be down right lucrative...)
    The main thing with these MTO&Es is that all units fight as they would
    under the rules used i.e. a tank although representing a platoon under
    these T.O.s is in fact just a tank that moves shoots and fights as it would
    normally. So long answer made sort....a tank battalion with have 9 tanks,in 3
    companies, one battalion commander's tank for a total of ten. To this is added 3 APCs with a squad in each, an artillery piece with ammo truck, scouts,ADA etc etc, the battalion usually rounds out at 20 to 26 vehicles.

  8. Oh, you're talking about armor. That many vehicles is no problem at all. We played a convention game with 88 vehicles and each player had around 15 each. Game over with a real conclusion in under tow hours. Tye key is the game doesn't get bogged down with what was damaged on the vehicle.

    Short answer

    2d6 to see if you place the round on target.
    The check the penetration number based on the target armor and weapons firing.
    Roll 2d6 versus number.
    Pass 2d6, brew up, all dead.
    Pass 1d6, vehicle no longer functions but crew bails.
    Pass 0d6 the round clanks off the target and the target takes a clank test which could allow it to immediately return fire.

    1. That will work with my standard MTOs then...)