Tuesday 17 July 2012

Nobedlongga Adventures - Part 2

Part One

After the Browns discovered that the new Nobelongga Chief was aggressive towards foreigners they fell back to the outpost. As the new day dawned we pick up the battle...


  1. You are definitely testing my resolve to hold off on new sets before I play the ones I already have.

  2. So enjoyable and pleasantly illustrated!
    Did my old eyes betray me, or did I see at least one tricorne? Hurrah! For long I'm maintaining that 'colonial' operations can be gamed in the time of the Lace Wars as well as in the Victorian era; and that mid-18th C. oversea campaigns are -with a little imagination?- are not restricted to the 'traditional' Canada and India.
    Looking eagerly forward to discover the next installment.

  3. abduk666- Correct. I have some nicely painted F&IW figures that I use. One thing I PREFER about Imagi-Nation gaming is not being handcuffed by facings, uniforms and "historical" enemies. Not saying it's better than historicals but I like to see double duty for my figures.

  4. Excellent! Love CA! Ferocious warriors with shields are the devil to beat in melee!