Saturday 14 July 2012

Talomir Tales - Rally Round the King Campaign

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to get involved with Talomir Tales (link) a fantastic ongoing Rally Round the King campaign and my first battle will pit the forces of Mirish against the Elves of Lothgolin. 

I want to take the chance to play a battle, step by step, with the details to show some of the aspects of Rally Round the King. That and I want to crush those damn Elves!

Watch for it sometime this upcoming week on the Talomir Tales blog. Here's a look at the last battle between Mirish and Lothgolin.

Here's a bit of a preview...

“He is an infidel,” sneered the Nobleman. “Why should we follow him?”

“Because my father commands and you are his vassal, did you forget?”

The Nobleman retreated as if struck. “Forgive me, my Prince,” he continued as the young man moved towards the palace window.  “What of Spahblod Shahin? It was not his fault, the Telkar Bird….”

“By my father’s command, Shahin has been afforded a place above all men.” The Prince motioned the Nobleman to the window. He pointed to the square below. “Perhaps you would care to join him?”

The Nobleman stared down at the lifeless head of Spahblod Shahin the Rash as it stared back from its perch upon the spear. A crowd of peasants had gathered and were spitting upon it and hurling insults and stones.

“You are to obey the orders of the Infidel to the letter, so my father commands. Is that clear?” the Prince said, more than asked. The Nobleman bowed and nodded in silence. “Good. He requires your Cataphracts to be ready to ride within three days. Do not fail him.”

As the Nobleman and his followers left the Prince walked over to the Infidel.

“I trust all is to your liking?” he asked.

“Yes, my Prince,” he replied as he caught the eye of a tall comely dancer as she finished her dance. “In every way, sire.”

“Will you be spending the night at the palace General Pereira?” the Prince asked.

“No, your highness, forgive me but I must tend to details,” the General replied.

The Prince smiled, “Yes, I have heard that with you it is always the details.”

“Indeed, sire, the victory is in the details.” The Eskeliner bowed and made his way from the Prince. A dark clad man stepped up to the Prince and asked, “Your orders sire?”

“Stay by his side, Rashid,” the Prince whispered. “He returns either in triumph or with his head on a spear.  I wish him luck.”



  1. It was Telkar bird fault, LOL
    So good you join this campaign Ed, this is getting more a more interesting.
    Will your nation be Mirish then? Their situation is not very good with only two provinces and surrounded by Treyine, Altengard and Lothgolin :)

  2. My mistake as I was thinking about Seniira. A pity as I'd love to crush Ed's MIrish army personally ;-)

  3. Where are you hiding, er, commanding? Yes, I guess I will be the Iron Riders. Now to squash (hopefully) those pesky Elves.

  4. I'm commanding Altengard and some day will meet in the battlefield. It will be an interestig battle, and definately fun :)
    As you perfectly know, charging with cavalry against archers is not a very good idea, but I wish you all the luck to stomp those petulant elves.