Friday 20 July 2012

The Courier - Long Rifle AAR

 The Battle of Fort New Hope was played with Muskets and Mohawks, a unit based French and Indian War set of rules. It was a continuation of a Long Rifle campaign. Long Rifle is a character based skirmish  adventure game of the same period. This game will use Long Rifle.

After the battle of Fort New Hope the British withdraw to the safety of the fort. But this feeling of safety is short lived.

Fort New Hope from Foxhole Terrain, figures by Blue Moon, painted by John Leahy.

As the day wears on the French batteries begin to shell the interior of the fort.

Up on the heights they are safe from British artillery and small arms fire.

Something must be done and the General looks for volunteers from the militia and Irregulars.

Thomas the Hunter agrees to go along with Ben and Pete Brown. They wait for night fall then slip out of the fort. Their goal to pass through enemy lines and exit to the east, the opposite end of the table.

Ben heads out to the south of the table. He runs into a PEF that is a French Allied Indian. The sharp crack of the musket is followed by silence as Ben falls to the ground out of the fight. The warrior moves to take a Trophy.

Meanwhile in the center of the French lines Pete Brown makes his way.

Suddenly an Indian warrior appears and Pete fires but misses. The Indian returns fire dropping Pete to the ground. Swiftly he moves to Pete to finish the job.

The last  courier is Thomas. Thomas hears something. An Indian warrior readying his musket! Boom! The bullet hits a tree next to Thomas who aims and fires.

The Indian falls to the ground, obviously dead.  Thomas hears more noise and decides to move instead of reload.

 He runs into a second warrior who fires in haste but misses (Thomas used his Star Power to convert a Stunned result to Carry On). Thomas draws his tomahawk and charges the Indian.

The fight is over quickly. The Indian drops to the ground cut across the throat. Thomas moves off the table and towards help.

The game was quick, over in 15 minutes. I already had the table set up from the New Hope battle so I figured to play the game ASAP.
Will Thomas make it to HQ?
Will there be a rescue attempt?
Can the fort hold out?
These questions and more will be answered in the continuing story of Thomas the Hunter.


  1. Cool report, nice segue from M & M to Long Rifle. Good re-purposing of an already set up table.

  2. Lovley report. I do like this campaign. Great stuff.

  3. This is really nice battle game and people like very much this kind of games because they enjoy in chasing some level and they try to reach their goal destination.

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  4. Any chance that Long Rifle or M&M will be back in print again? Or do you have anything else in the works for French and Indian War? (I hope so!)

    1. Yep, it's still in print through Rebel Minis.