Saturday 14 July 2012

Colonial Adventures 2nd Edition Campaign

Lemuria! Nobelongga Adventures

One the best reasons to game in the Colonial Period, in my opinion, is the opportunity to create your own countries free of the constraints of historical opponents. For me that means creating a European nation (Avalook - based on the United Kingdom Army List in CA) and campaigning in a  fictitious continent. This is made easy by the Colonial Adventures source book called Lemuria by Hugh Singh. Here's a map of Lemuria.

Lemuria comes complete with 14 indigenous armies for the continent modeled after most of those found in the Colonial Period. It also includes descriptions of the people, usually one or two scenarios for each, as well as info on the big game that can be hunted.

For my campaign I decided to use the country of Nobelongga in the southeast portion of the map. Nobelongga is bordered to the south by a Zulu nation, on the west by the Lung Ho, descendents of Chinese pirates that first discovered Lemuria, and to the north by the island kingdoms of the Moros, pirates of a variety of religious beliefs. Here's a detailed map of the area where the campaign will occur.

Lemuria is dotted with Treaty Ports, small cities and settlements where the European nations have a presence. These are where the nations come to trade with the peoples of Lemuria. Mission St. Mary is the Treaty Port in Nobelongga and where our campaign begins while Knysana is a large Zulu settlement. Due to the revenue steams generated by the Treaty Ports they are mutually considered to be neutral safe havens where any form of violence is discouraged.

For ease of play I've divided Nobelongga into six districts. District 1 is the area around Mission St. Mary and where the Avalook forces are currently operating. My first mission with Colonial Adventures 2nd Edition will be a Patrol into District 6. There's a small Avalook outpost there and our mission is to gauge the temperament of the Nobelongga in the area. This is fertile land and with any luck I can establish a colony and trading post there.

After I play the game I'll do a AAR and post it here.


  1. looking forward to the AAR.

  2. Personally I would add a District 9 and do a War of the Worlds scenario, but that's just me. :-) Looking forward to this -- I've begun the backstory to my own campaign based on Space 1889.

  3. Great to discover that you chose the Lace wars period, according to the illustrations of the (exciting) AAR!