Tuesday 17 July 2012

Fort New Hope - Muskets & Mohawks Battle

When we last left Thomas the Hunter he was being pressed into service with the British defenders of Fort New Hope as the French were advancing. If the French could gain the heights overlooking the fort they could set their cannon up to fire down into the fort without fear of retaliation.

The French contact the British who have just come down from the heights.

The French have occupied the center with their Indian Allies to each flank,

The French and British exchange fire in the center with the French getting the worse of it. The colored triangles are the Reps of the Leaders

Two more French units look to split the gap in the British line.

On the British right Militia units fight French Allied Indians as they emerge from the forest.

In the center the French are beaten back with heavy losses.

On the British left Thomas has joined a British Irregular unit as they come into contact with the French Indian right flank.

The French throw more units into the fight in the center.

The battle on the British right heats up.

Until the Militia can take no more. As they flee the field this exposes the British center.

The French center regroups for a second attack while the Indians on the left head towards the British center.

Meanwhile the British Irregualrs have pushed the Indians back into the woods. Thomas drops to the ground, out of the fight!

As the French Indians on the right fall back the British send in two units of regulars to attack the French center.

The French attack on the center is renewed.

The French Indians on the left swing onto the flank of the British holding the center.

As the fight continues a French officer leads a band of Allied Indians around the flank of the British and towards the heights!

On the British left the regulars push back the French in the center.

The British success as seen from the French side.

As the French form a firing line to slow the British advance the French artillery is unlimbered.

The fire from the French line and artillery stops the advance of the British.

Attacked from two sides the British in the center fall back to the heights.

Seen from the French side we see the British have broken and are leaving the field.

The door to Fort New Hope is open!


  1. Nice report. I take it red markers were leader rep, were the yellow ones unit rep? I also couldn't tell which figure was Thomas in the scrum. Did he make it back to the fort?

  2. Markers were leader Reps, red, yellow and the occasional green. Thomas was guy in blue hat in pic 7 on right and laying down (OOF) in pic 12.
    Yep, he's back but has a new mission.