Thursday 26 July 2012

5150: Star Navy - Breaking the Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Last time Mack and I pitted 38 small ships against 1 large ship. We tweaked the points and gave it another go.

The Star Navy Dreadnought took an engine hit and broke off the fight. We continued as if it didn't happen to see what would happen but it went like we expected. The Dreadnought was pretty damaged with the AA reduced to half so overall it was a pretty good battle with about one third of the Zhuh-Zhuhs destroyed and one third breaking off from the fight.

So can you break the game? You bet, you can break any game if you want to, especially one where you can design your own ships. But it's a game of rock, paper, scissors. If you guess right you win but guess wrong, build the wrong type of ships, and you can lose pretty badly.

But with 10 different fleet types there's a wide variety of ship designs and the campaign rules will be included as well.


  1. Cool! I'm glad to see such playtesting. Looking forward to this game.

  2. As a die hard Full Thrust-er you are really tempting me Ed....)
    These rules do look like allot of fun and knowing your general
    design theory I know they'll play fast!

  3. Looking great!

    I'm looking forward to running a game of Star Navy "around" a game of Fringe Space (around a game of Squadron Leader if I want to go really crazy)... It'd work well for something like the climactic battle in Serenity or Return of the Jedi, where there is a huge fleet battle at the same time as there is a focus on a single "character" ship... and possibly also some characters in close range dogfights.

  4. Exactly Joey.
    Don - I used to play Full Thrust a lot but stopped after I move out of WA state. One of the reasons we try to break the game is we did it with ship design with Full Thrust. Full Thrust, a great game.

  5. This sound like a really great game. I tried to use CR for spacegaming using some old battletech spaceships and stats and had a great time. Can't wait to see with what you guys come out this time.