Monday 16 June 2014

They Call Me Garhi - a Lost Lands AAR

Garhi woke up in the morning and decided he would go exploring. 
Garhi considered himself a bit of a bad ass. 
Garhi was wrong. 
Garhi was a Monkey Boy.

There are three types of Cavemen in Adventures in the Lost Lands
There's the Cro-Magnon, early humans. 
There's the Neanderthal, big brutes that love to mix it up. 
Then there's the Monkey Boys. Australopithecus. That's Gary. But the upside is he is a BA Monkey Boy. He's a Rep 4 and he has a stick. 

I set up an Explore Encounter for Garhi. All he had to do was visit each section of the table, spent one turn of Activation there and see what he found.

This was the first time I ever played a game where I thought the Hero was going to die and die quickly.
The terrain is set up. Garhi enters the table and the three PEF markers (Possible Enemy Forces) are placed on the table. Neither Garhi or I have any idea of what to expect. 


 I think Garhi needs to have a Gathering Encounter and try and find some berries to pick.


  1. Nice and inspired work, love this story...

  2. That was ace! I'll have to add this to my wish list. Never would have expected that!

  3. I always love caveman games!

  4. I must admit that Exploring was a bit too much for Garhi. Next time he'll be Gathering.