Monday 23 June 2014

Exporting CR 3.1 - Bat Rep with Billy Pink.

Chain Reaction 3.1 is the updated result of publishing NUTS! Final Version. The few tweaks in NUTS FV made it worth upgrading CR 3.0 to better represent the Reaction System.  The tweaks are so minor, yet significant, they should be used in any older THW game that doesn't use them and is firearms based. 

How hard is it to do? It's  not. Follow the link to the two-page Player Aid. This is all you need use, substituting the mechanics for the same mechanics in your other book.

However, Swordplay is coming out in a week or two, the sword and shield version of CR 3.1. That one will work better for other sword and shield books like Warrior Heroes Legends and the upcoming Montjoie.

Here's a sample of how CR 3.1 works with 5150 - Urban Renewal.

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