Saturday 21 June 2014

Garhi Crashes Back to Earth - A Lost Lands AAR

Garhi and Stewie peered through the bushes across from where Garhi had buried his loot. The plan was to gather the loot and scoot. And with two spears each, one for throwing, Garhi felt they had a distinct advantage over other Cavemen.  Off they went...

Facing four to one odds Garhi did the smart thing and ran. This also meant the Encounter was an automatic failure. Garhi rolled 1d6 to see if this had any affect and it did. He scored a "1" his Rep dropped back to 4.
The good news was he had recovered two more spears and food. The disastrous thing was he had lost the last member of his group. In Lost Lands you can recruit one group at the start of your career or any time during it, but once you do, any new recruits only can happen if you meet them during an Encounter and have a successful Challenge with them.
Things had suddenly gotten tougher for Garhi.

Chased Down - The chased down rule is simple. 
If the target of a charge passes more d6 than the charger it can choose to run for it. 
Each figure rolls 1d6 per inch of normal move looking for successes. 
If the runner scores more successes he leaves the table, counting as a failure, but still alive.
If the chasers score the same or more successes they fight a round of melee with the runner counting as scoring zero successes the first round.

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