Friday 20 June 2014

Garhi and the Boyz Go Hunting?! Lost Lands AAR

The Boyz?! Yep, Garhi is a Rep 5 Star so I recruited 3 Monkey Boys. Actually 2 Monkey Boys (Rep 3) and a Monkey Girl (Rep 2).  All come unarmed so I gave one of them the second spear and the other the stick. The female, as the lowest Rep, would have to improvise.

Garhi started in the bushes, as usual, and the three PEFs were rolled. They were out in the open and two were resolved as nothing, but one was two Size 4 Feeders! They were bigger than I'd like, but as Feeders they wouldn't be too tough. Garhi waited until they had moved to graze in the open and charged!

Well that didn't go the way I expected. Jumping a dino in melee with 2 or more humanoids attacking at the same time works well. One on one not so good. And I forgot that the dino would activate and can melee one target at a time.

Garhi harvested 7 Food units and picked up two more spears. He couldn't carry it all and the OOF Monkey Boy. My next adventure will be to go back with Stewie (I gave him a name this time) and we can collect all the Food and spears.
I'll arm each Monkey Boy with two spears. One to throw and one to melee with. Guess that's how the cavemen learned back in the day!

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  1. These are great little adventures to read.

    Good stuff!