Saturday 28 June 2014

After the Horsemen AAR - Paddle Boards - Replay

Here's a replay of a previous AAR. It's a good example of how THW games never play the same. I'll explain the changes as they occur.

ATH Paddle Boards AAR

The 1st change is although two PEFs are randomly placed in the same sections as before, the PEF in section 6 is now in the woods in section 5.

The PEFs go first and the PEF in section 5 moves into sight and is resolved as Daddy and the two girls. The ambush has gone badly.

In Sight is rolled and the Wolves go first. Last game the Family went first and attempted a Challenge (the girls on the beach). This time the Wolves, being Enemies, go right to the attack.

I've decided to use the updated CR 3.1 mechanics for use with ATH for In Sight and the Recover Tests. This means passing 2d6 on the test means yo got knocked down but can still carry on... fire in this case.

 As you can see, this game was dramatically different than the first.

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