Friday 27 June 2014

After the Horsemen AAR - Paddle Boards

After the Horsemen is our Post-Apocalypse game and  here's a little AAR. After the AAR I'll explain what happened in game terms.

I had a Robbery Encounter in mind but wanted to modify it a bit so set it up as a trap. Laid out the terrain and placed PEFs. I had pre-loaded them with the Family in three groups.

Using the NPC Movement Table and counting the paddle boards as the only player group that could be seen, the Wolves moved towards the goal.

Luckily the 1st PEF was resolved as the two girls. I used a Challenge Test to get the Wolves to stop and not shoot.

The next activation the PEFs moved. The first was a sniper, on the other side of the table, who I had wait in cover (another passed Challenge Test - the failed test would have resulted in an In Sight as she had been spotted).

The next PEF to move was the rest of the Family, tucked away in the section behind the Wolves.

The trap was sprung. A Challenge Test had them surrender instead of everyone firing.
This gave them a positive modifier on the Mercy Table - This left the Wolves free to go but losing all their Items.

They also became Enemies of the Family.

The Challenge Test is easy to use and recommended, as long as you make up logical failure results. It prevents every Encounter from being a firefight and adds to the story.

I'll re-play the Encounter to see how it plays out this time!

The Family are now on a Kickstarter at a reasonable price.

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