Monday 30 June 2014

Swordplay AAR - Orcs Night on the Town

The local Orcs have been terrorizing the town, extracting payment each week so as to not to bother the town folk. But word of this has reached Sir Godfrey, the local liege and he must intervene.

Sir Godfrey Rep 5 Mounted Melee lance and shield, AC 4.
2 x Rep 4 Soldiers Melee with spear and shield AC 4.
2 x Rep 4 Crossbowmen Missile with crossbow and sword, AC 4.

Troll Rep 5 Melee, AC 6, two hand weapon.
Two Greater Orcs Rep 5 AC 4,Melee, sword and shield.
Three lesser Orcs Rep 4 AC 2 Melee, sword and shield.

The Orcs ran into a bit of bad luck. They lost the In Sight, which meant they would react. The Troll getting killed on the first shot caused a Crisis Test - Man Down - before the soldiers even charge home. One set of d6 were rolled for the whole group and the lesser Orcs ran away.

One the same turn the two humans ganged up and took out the 1st Orc and the 2nd Orc lost the melee with the single soldier, being knocked to the ground.

After that it was a matter of being outnumbered and rolling badly. Sometimes the good guys win, sometimes the bad guys win.

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  1. Finally caught up with the blog, lots of good stuff going on.