Tuesday 17 June 2014

Garhi and the Nature Channel - Lost Lands AAR

Garhi woke up the next morning hungry. 
He looked around but didn't see anything to eat. 
He decided to go looking for food. 
Garhi brought his stick, just in case.

This time Garhi would go on a Gathering Encounter. All he had to do was enter sections of the table and roll to see if he could find berries, roots, etc. (Food units). Each figure needs one Food unit per month to survive.

Terrain placed, Garhi enters the table and the PEFs are placed.

I called this the Nature Channel becasue Garhi spent most of his time eating berries and watching the dinosaurs fight.

Garhi was successful so had a chance to Improve his Rep. This is done by rolling 1d6 and scoring higher than the current Rep or a '6", Garhi scored a "5" so went up. Garhi was now a Rep 5 Monkey Boy. Garhi was lucky as last Encounter he failed but rolled well and didn't go down in Rep. 

Garhi wants a spear.

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