Thursday 19 June 2014

Garhi and the Neds - Lost Lands AAR

Garhi woke up and felt tough.
Garhi felt strong.
Garhi wanted a spear and he knew where to get it.
Garhi grabbed his stick.

Garhi was making progress. He started as a Rep 4 Star and not Rep 5. The highest Rep for the Monkey Boys is a 4 so I went with that. Last Encounter had gotten lucky and rose to Rep 5. It wasn't going to get any better than that so I figured I'd try and get Garhi a real weapon. A spear. This meant he had to find a Neanderthal or Cro-Magon so it was time for a Raid.

This would be the easiest way as the object of the Raid is to find a camp and that's where he would find Cavemen. 

Terrain is set, Garhi enters the table and three PEFs are placed. Garhi has learned that the peeking from the bushes by taking a Challenge Test is the way to go.

The two PEFs resolve as nothing.

The final PEF are four feeders. Garhi starts to search for the camp in section 1. He rolls 1d6, scores a 3, then a 3, then 7 Neanderthals. Three huts and the Neds are placed around the camp in a random manner. One is close to Garhi and the plan is wait until he activates last, then attack. If he's lucky he wins the melee, activates first the next turn and runs like heck

 Garhi won two melees and grabbed two spears. He rolled to increase Rep, needed a "6" and failed. Also this is his 3rd Encounter which means it's a new month so he used up one of the two Food units he had. Garhi needs to find himself some Monkey Boys. As he didn't recruit any at the start he still can. He can have up to one per point of Rep. That would be 5 more, 6 in his group,
but that would require a lot of Food Gathering. Or maybe a Hunt as a dinosaur yields 3 times it's Size in Food.


  1. Monkey boy is doing real well!

  2. It's great to read something about this ruleset, I love it and I think that could be great that it could be rewritten and updated to the new Final Version

  3. Yep, CR 3.1 Final version, out soon, will be able to be laid over any existing THW rules if you want to substitute the new mechanics.

  4. Perfect! I love the PEF and Reaction system!

  5. now garhi needs to whittle an atlatl from his stick :P