Friday 1 February 2013

Step by Step Star Navy - The Battle - Part Two

Part One



  1. I think I spy some Babylon 5 ships near the bottom of the last picture. Interesting as I was thinking about these rules as a replacement to the 'official' Bab5 ones.

    Can you post any more info on how the solo side of things works, both the campaign in general and the battles?


  2. Cool. I need to get these rules.

  3. Hi Chris,
    The campaign is where the solo mechanics are best.
    You pick your Faction then either choose whom you will fight or roll on the Going to War Table.
    Then you see the Campaign Morale for each side.
    Then you determine who controls the planet, all this has been reviewed in Part One but I wanted to do it again for context.
    The first Mission in the Campaign is a Patrol.
    Activation is rolled as normal against the Reps of each side.
    When the PEF or enemy ships, once the PEF has been resolved, activate you roll 2d6 versus Rep on the appropriate PEF Movement table based on your Mission. There are five tables, one for each Mission Type. Move the PEF based on the number of d6 passed.
    When you contact roll for enemy forces then set up the battle. Currently there aren't any deployment for NP forces on the table top as it's pretty common sense with smaller missile armed ships to the front and large to the back. But the angle of attack is dictated by the Long Range Scan. Keep moving on the map and playing until one side's Morale is reduced to zero. This is based on your success or failure of Missions. Ships will come and go as well based on your success or failure.
    Hope this helps

    1. Hi Ed

      That's really useful. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Is the system primarily intended for larger engagements, or can you do smaller skirmishes with about ten or so ships total?

  5. It can be used for whatever size engagements you want. When I play 5 or less ships per side I double the number of Hull boxes. So if the destroyer has 4 Hull points it counts as 8 instead. This allows for longer battles wiht smaller numbers of ships. You could do it with as many ships as you want but it will make the game last longer.

  6. Ah, so engine damage does not cause a Damage taken Test. Thanks for clarifying that. That was something I wondered but kept forgetting to ask on the yahoo site.