Tuesday 26 February 2013

5150 Fighter Command. Boarding Action.



  1. Great stuff,keep it comming.
    I have a few questions.
    Could you tell us what effects the various terrain pieces have?
    Also, do you roll for the rep of the other pilots each mission or can you keep some or all of them for following missions?

  2. Thanks Stroezie.
    Dust or gas clouds affects firing. Asteroids affects flying in the way you can collide with them, and also interfere LOS. Mines are similar to asteroids as they explode when you are near them. Drifting Space Hulks behave like asteroids and besides they interfere with scanners, so you cannot resolve a PEF inside them unless you establish direct LOS. I think that's all.
    I roll for the Rep of all pilots except for the one it represents you, the Star. Of course you can keep track of the pilots and don't roll again for their reps, it's up to you; but that's something I'd do in a set campaign where you have a definite number of pilots and fighters, in a carrier for example. Actually, I'm already working on a supplement with a campaign in which you command a carrier and manage everything inside it, pilots, fighters, logistics, etc.

  3. Thats actually exactly what I was planning to do.
    I plan on combining 5150 Fighter Command with Squadron Forward from Twofatlardies to game something like Space Above and Beyond.

  4. The big bad bee is gaining some fame...cool.

    1. Did you like "killer Bee"? We'll see how behaves in the following missions :)