Saturday 22 February 2014

New Hope City PI - Vigilante

 Low Income Area of NHC, Late Day Part. Activation dice rolled, generate a third PEF.

 First PEF...nothing. Second PEF, two cops who do a "Suspicious Behavior" check for warrants, none.

 Third PEF, Bingo! A Fezglok Ganger. It's a robbery and Joe surrenders his Cash without resisting.

 The Hunter becomes the Hunted. Joe stalks the Ganger and corners him in an alley.

 Joe goes first. Bam, bam! The Ganger never even drew his weapon.

 Another PEF generated. Two Criminals. But it's just a Transporter and some muscle back from a job. They even say "Hi".

 Short, uneventful ride on City Transit. Joe leaves the station and walks home. Middleton is a Middle Income Area. Pretty safe, even at night.

Joe makes it home and is happy.


  1. Here's the how to on the game mechanics.

    It's a totally different feel to the game. You're looking for certain NPCs and have to hope things play out. Here's how it works game wise.

    1 - You have to resolve a PEF as a Criminal Element using the Who Are They Table based on which Area of NHC you're in and which Day Part.
    2 - Then you have to roll a criminal that will try and rob you.
    3 - Next you have to give them your Cash (a new thing in Urban Renewal).
    4 - Then when they leave you have to use the Stalking Table to encounter them again in a private location.
    5 - If everything works out right you ambush them and go from there.
    6 - And of course there's a chance of them being an undercover cop. Not a big chance but still a chance.

  2. Hee hee. I am doing something similar with the Napoleonic Skirmish game, where you have to track down a spy.

    1. If you need the doc that I used just let me know.