Monday, 10 February 2014

Solo Play with Machinas

Had a great question from a fellow on Board Game Geek. Thought I'd post the answer here as well...

I'm curious about options for solo play.  Would it just be one player controlling multiple cars, or does the game control some of the actions of one of the vehicles?

Good question. Like all THW games Machinas is excellent for solo play. All of our games are made with that in mind. Here's what happens:

The car and driver cards are dealt randomly. The player builds his car from his cards.
Once that is done there are tables that the player rolls on that tells you what items to add to the Non-Player cars, whether weapons, defensive measures or car features. This continues until the car reaches the maximum weight. So the player rolls the dice but has no control over the cars being built for the NP drivers.

During the game the player rolls on two NP driver tables that tells them what the NP will do as well as when to use Bonus Dice. So the player moves the car as directed and rolls the number of dice as directed but does not have any choice on how the NP performs.

Fully Funded and closes in 9 days... The second deck has been added to the $50 and $85 pledges. Each deck can handle four players!

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