Saturday, 15 February 2014

Machinas: Fully Funded & 2nd Deck Added

Machinas – Death Racing the Apocalypse is fully funded and almost closed. In addition, because we were able to work out a lower printing price, we're including the second deck for free on the $50 USD and $85 USD pledges.
That's two full decks, that can be used with eight players!

Machinas is our card-driven race game, where players build and drive their vehicles in organized races around an oval track.
But it can also be used for Open Road Combat, like in Mad Max and other PA movies. With a little tweaking, Machinas is playable with any PA rule set. This includes our own PA game, After the Horsemen.
Here's a video of how Machinas can be used with your miniatures games, in any scale.

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