Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Enter the Spugs - A 5150: Star Army Bat Rep

On Gaea Prime reports are coming in that the Planetary Defense Forces on Entoich V (1) have been attacked by Spug raiders. Star Army has placed their forces on alert and monitor Intel on a daily basis.

(1) Entoich V is a small planet under Gaea Prime protection in the 5th Ring. It has a desolate ash-like landscape with rivers of lava running over it.


Day One

The 1st squad of 3rd Platoon, "A" Company is charged with a recon patrol up the Mirsa to an abandoned settlement. Word has it that the Spugs are heading this way.

Campaign Morale

Spugs 4

Spugs are pretty fixed in purpose.

 PDF 2

This is a consistent problem with all Planetary Defense Forces, they don't have much stomach for a fight.


·         Your objective is to recon the table.
·         To be successful you or one of your squad leaders or assistant squad leaders must spend one turn of activation within 6" of the edge of the table in sections 1, 2, and 3. Once you have accomplished this you must report back by exiting the table from the edge that you entered.


·         You will patrol with a squad. 

PEFs Sections

·         #1 Section 1 PEF Rep 3
·         #2 Section 2 PEF Rep 6
·         #3 Section 5 PEF Rep 5

Special Instructions

·         The Mission takes place during the day.
·         Good weather
·         Aerial Recon in play.
·         PDF Investment Level 3
·         Spug Investment Level 3
·         Good Pre-Mission Intel.  
·         PDF are Walking in.

And here we go...

The Spugs are heading south towards the capital zone.  Spug Morale is high as the PDF are falling back all along the front. The rest of 3rd Platoon is to defend against a Spug advance.
Spug Morale goes up to 5
Spug IL stays at 3
PDF morale goes down to 1
PDF IL drops to 2
Receive a Rep 3 Leader
Rep 4 NCO
4 Rep 5 squaddies
Next Mission - Defend

 Watch for the release of 5150: Star Army - Alien Doc 001 - Spugs

Got Spugs?


  1. Cool BatRep! I've got to get some Spugs!

    Bad outing for the home team huh? I'm really hesitant to ask this, but I must. Does anything special* happen to the captured soldiers? I remember Spugs from original 5150, nasty they were.

    * by "special" - I mean horribly gruesome and disturbing.


  2. That would be the feeder tube to the skull and...well, think slurpee.


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