Wednesday 1 August 2018

Two 5150 Adventure Series Coming Out this Week!

Here come the core rules of two brand new 5150 series. Missions is all about military ops while No Limits let's your Star travel the 5150 universe by spaceship while adventuring in large cities and small settlements. Both share similar mechanics and are compatible with each other as well as all our 5150 titles.

Both have the core rules for each series and we have tons of upcoming adventures for both. So whether you want to play strictly military squad level games or take your crew traveling on a variety of adventures, we got you covered.

And we'll take it a step further; because they are compatible you can move your Stars between both sets!

Each includes its complete core rules, 16 stand alone Scenarios for you to use as you like, 16 Linked Scenarios forming one Story, an appropriate Battle Board, and color card stock counters to get you into the game quickly. Playable with any minis you may already have.

Watch for more info in the next two days - and they should release later this week.


  1. Definitely interested in Maiden Voyage. I assume it is to Fringe Space what Talomir Tales is to WHL?

  2. Are the core rules for each of these products different, and different from that the 5150 and Fringe Space mechanics?

    Are we likely to see some sort of combined book available if so?

    1. Yes, the rules are different as they have different Character Lists - Professions for one and Military Factions for the other, plus Missions has Armor in it as well - hard Body, Exo, and BTA.
      Fringe Space is more detailed than No Limits as it uses In Sight, etc. Both of these new ones use the Action Table and streamlined combat rules.

      I may offer them together at a discount, but still offer them separately as well.

    2. I think that it may be a good idea to work on a "rules compendium". You know, a bundle with all 5150 (or Fantasy) rules, but tuned to work with each others as an unified system.

    3. Good idea. I think with No Limits, Star Marine, Missions, and all the rest of the planet based rules, there's something for everybody. I'll put that on my list.

    4. Yeah. Thats a cool suggestion.

  3. This is excellent news! Been waiting for these.