Friday 31 August 2018

Talomir Tales for Big Battles?

53 figures from Splintered Light Minis Goblins, Wererats, Orcs, Thieves, Adventurers and Dungeon Divers.
Had some free time and was wondering, can Talomir Tales rules handle larger battles and what would I need to tweak, if anything, to make it work. So I grabbed my copy of Distant Shores , the Talomir Core Rules and got started.

I knew there were too many figures for the Battle Boards so I pulled out a TV tray (!) and placed some terrain on it. Distant Shores isn't concerned with movement distances, but more about actions.  So when it's time to act, Casters cast, Shooters shoot, and melee guys charge into melee. 

Here are the two opposing sides laid out on the table. I divided each side into three groups - Left Center and Right.  
I decided with that many figures to divide each side into three groups. Each had a Leader and how large the group was, didn't matter. They would just function as a group, taking their actions separately.

The first thing I did was roll for the Advantage on the Action Table. I rolled for each group - Left, Center and Right. Made sense to me that you'd be focusing on the enemy to your front so dividing the battle into three sections was the result.

The Thieves on the left and the Dungeon Divers on the right of the human side gained the Advantage against the Goblins and Wererats respectively. The Orcs on the other side, had the Advantage over the Adventurers in the Center. 
Advantage is rolled for.

 Next, each Leader (6) rolled on the Action Table. Their results would be compared to the opposing group deployed across from them. The Thieves and Dungeon Divers won and would act first. this wasn't a surprise as they had the Advantage. What was a surprise is the Orc choked - passing 1d6 and allowing the Adventurers to act first!
The whole human side will act first.
The table is set and the Battle Begins!

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