Wednesday 15 August 2018

Chain Reaction 2018 Meets Chain Reaction 2015! We're back!

Chain Reaction 2015 now available again!  
Chain Reaction 2018 is played on an 8" by 10" Battle Board.

Chain Reaction 2015 is played on a 3' x 3' Tabletop. 

Chain Reaction 2018 has all the action in one spot - the Battle Board.

Chain Reaction 2015 let's you move your troops over the table, in and out of terrain, shooting from table edge to table edge.

Play either way or play both, as they are totally compatible.
Just play the game!


  1. Oh Please combine them into Chain Reaction 2019 and take my Money!!!!
    Keep up the awesome

    1. You want them you got them. Chain Reaction Bundle posted. 2015 & 2018 in one PDF/Book.

  2. That you in the left hand corner, Ed?