Friday 31 August 2018

Talomir Tales for Big Battles? Yes you can!

Part One
The Battle begins and in order for the Action the Caster s Cast. The Adventurers Caster can only fire off a Dazzle spell ad can only affect one target. At least she hits the Orc Leader who will ow count a -1 to Rep this and next turn.  The Dungeon Diver Caster fires off a Damage spell, but can nonly affect one target - he hits and kills the Wererat leader!

Red arrows represent the spells cast by the human Casters.
 Next in order of action is shooting. The two archers fire. One causes the Orc Caster to Duck Back out of sight while the other takes out one Wererat.

Green arrows represent archery fire. Red splashes are Obviously Dead (large ones) and Out of the Fight.
 Next on the Action Table, in order is charge and the humans weep forward! The five archers on the Goblin and Orc side open fire at the chargers. The Adventurers Leader is forced to Duck Back while two humans go down.

Green arrows for archery, yellow for ducking back - the Orc Caster and one of the human Leaders.
Going down the Action Table makes the game play very quickly and easily to track. melee now happens as the lines collide. Casualties are doled out. Some of the figures don't melee the first time as some of the human groups attack larger enemy groups. The Will to Fight is taken and Goblin, Wererat and Adventurers suffer losses - figures drift away from the fight. The Caster is one of the first to go!
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The melee is vicious and the humans are starting to fail. The Adventurers in the center break and flee allowing the Orcs to help the Goblins.

The Orc Caster returns and fires a Damage Spell as the archers pour arrows into the remaining humans. 
The last of the humans run away and the Orcs are victorious. Time to recover the wounded and take care of the human Out of the Fights.
Over all very easy to play by going down the Action Table across the board...all Casters casting, then shooters shooting and finally the melees which took the longest. Over all the humand had one turn of action, the Orcs and allies one turn, then the humans a second - breaking at the end due to the Will to Fight Test.

Looks like I'll be using this for larger games and campaigning as well.

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