Thursday 30 August 2018

Mooks - Talomir Tales Bat Rep

With the release of Mooks and Druid's Children tomorrow, I thought I'd play a game where a band of Orcs run into a Band of Wererats. All minis from Splintered Light .

Grug is a Rep 5 Orc Star and he has 4 other Orcs with him - a shooter, a Caster (?), and two Warriors. Hmm, an Orc Caster - rare indeed, but let's see what he can do...if anything.

The Orcs were lucky on two accounts. The 1st one being that they won  on the Action Table. This allowed them to attack first 5 on 5. If the Wererats would have attacked first, they would have been able to double up on two Orcs as they had numbers on their side.
The 2nd being the Caster got off a successful spell. Not the Damage Spell I had hoped for, but the Dazzle Spell helped a lot, reducing the Rep of each Wererat by 1 point in the first round of melee.

All in all, a fun game. Watch for Mooks and Druid's Children tomorrow.


  1. I will order tomorrow afternoon. My copy of distant Shores, and the battle boards just arrived, looking very good.

  2. I have those minis !!! nice batrep , fast and deadly !!!