Sunday 20 July 2014

Lew's Booty for After the Horsemen

Lew and the girls make a weekly visit to the Farm to pick up corn and other items. This time it’s different. The James Gang is lying in wait. It’s a showdown for control of the Town! 

Lew’s Booty is a scenario book for After the Horsemen (ATH) and includes the following new rules and scenarios:
·        Flock of Sheep.
·        Increasing Skill d6.
·        New Challenges rules.
·        Cash.
·        Gambling.
·        Companionship.
·        New PEF rules.
·        A complete Settlement – the Town.
·        The Moonshiners, an NPC family.
·        Six Scenarios.

Lew's Booty is compatible with Chain Reaction 3.1 and All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out.

Here's a link to the Showdown I played. 


  1. When will be it realeased? I want it

  2. Will be packaged with the 28mm Moonshiners for free, or $5 as a PDF. Yes, later this week, I believe.